Stargazer wake product teaser

Star Gazer Wake Edition S System

Wake Sports
$1299 USD
GPS Technology from the Leader in Marine Speed Control
Our Best Selling System

It is our bestselling system because it is so incredibly versatile and easy to use! The GPS Star Gazer Wake Edition S is designed for all of your water sports fun including Wakeboarding, Surfing, Skiing, Barefooting and is even great for tubing. From 8 to over 40 mph, just set the speed, throttle up and when your target speed is reached PerfectPass will take over automatically… it’s that simple. It’s a fact that a smooth pull and consistent speed is paramount for those Riders and Surfers behind the boat. And driving a large Wake Boat or Stern Drive at an extremely consistent speed is a challenging task for the best of us…not to mention downright stressful for many. With Star Gazer almost any driver can operate the boat like a seasoned professional and can stay focused on the lake ahead without worrying about throttle adjustment.