Star Gazer Three event Edition upgrade

StarGazer Three Event Upgrade

Competitive Ski
$769-$789 USD
Update your older paddle based DigitalPro or Drive by Wire system to new GPS technology. 

The Three Event System is designed for serious Slalom Course skiing on inboard tow boats only. It also features Wakeboard, RPM, Jump and Trick Modes to round out your other water sports activities. 

The newest V9 Software with “GPS Course Timing” is racking up rave reviews around the globe for its smooth pull, accuracy and driver friendly features. The super quick engagement is ideal for those small lakes with short set ups and makes driving easier for the less experienced operator.

The integrated GPS Timing allows you to “Map” up to three courses on different lakes and timing will automatically trigger anytime you enter any of these courses. 

The “Plug & Play” Upgrade Kit works with the existing cabling and servo motor under the hood and includes a new Master Module and Garmin weatherproof GPS Receiver. Simply unplug the cables from the old Module and reconnect to the new one. The GPS sits up on the dash and plugs into the Module. It's that easy! 

The Star Gazer Three Event is compatible with any Multiline Display Gauge. If you have an older “single line Display Gauge” or want to update your current one, you will need a new Display as well.

Upgrade Pricing 
  • Servo Mechanical Systems: $769 USD
  • Drive by Wire (DBW) Systems: $789 USD
New Multiline Display Gauges (If required) 
  • 3.5 inch Size: $299 USD
  • 5 inch Size with Jumbo LCD: $329 USD