stargazer 3-event product teaser

Star Gazer Three Event System

Competitive Ski
$1399 USD
Designed for serious course skiers and available on inboard ski boats only: Slalom, Trick, Jump & Wakeboard modes. 

The Star Gazer Three Event is designed for serious Slalom Course skiing on inboard ski boats only. The V9 Software with integrated GPS Timing is racking up rave reviews around the world for its smooth pull, accurate times and driver friendly features. Version 9 delivers super quick engagement making it ideal for short set ups and inexperienced drivers.

The integrated GPS Timing Method gives you fully automated timing anytime the boat enters the course…. In fact you can enter up to three different courses in its memory.

In addition to the Slalom Mode (Including Practice mode) the system features our world renowned Trick, Wakeboard and Jump Modes.

Add a Z Box 

Serious tournament skiers that want to train at home on a boat that feels like a new boat with the ZO system can add the optional Z Box now or at any point in the future.

The Star Gazer Three Event will easily install on most inboard powered ski boats manufactured over the last 25 years (MPI or carbureted engines and on newer DBW Engines up to 2008 model year)

Every system includes a full sized display to match your dash pod. 

Full system with Z Box: $1649 USD