What happens if PerfectPass loses GPS signal?

The high speed weatherproof Garmin GPS is reliable virtually 100% of the time worldwide using multiple satellite fixes.

We ride on a river with significant current, is GPS the way to go?

GPS is based on speed over ground, so if you have a strong river speed you can request the Star Gazer Wake Edition with River Mode that allows you to set a “current speed”. Call us for more detail.

Tell me about your support after installation.

Unlike most companies, our renowned customer service team is available by phone and email Monday to Friday during business hours all year around. 95% of inquiries are answered on your first call. If you need a part we normally ship within 24 hours!

Will PerfectPass Star Gazer work on my older ski boat with carbureted engine?

YES, in fact PerfectPass was invented on a carbureted Moomba Boat. We have customers with boats as old as 40 years running PerfectPass every day.

I have a stern drive inboard / outboard; is PerfectPass compatible?

PerfectPass systems have been installed on thousands of stern drives with Mercruiser and Volvo engines. Most engines built up to 2015 are compatible; contact us for more details.

What is the advantage of upgrading my older paddle based WakeboardPro system to GPS Star Gazer Wake Edition?

The accuracy of GPS is incomparable. Star Gazer is 100% accurate, the speed signal is smoother and simply provides a better riding and driving experience. In addition, you don’t need to worry about bending paddle impellers on your trailer / boat lift, etc. And it’s mostly plug & play.

We have an inboard ski boat primarily used for Slalom Course skiing and want to time our passes. What system do you recommend?

If you are using the system in a course and ski shortline (15 off or deeper) we highly recommend the Star Gazer Three Event. The hardware for both systems is identical, but the Three Event software is more sophisticated and is designed for serious skiing and amazing segment times. The Three Event features GPS Course Timing as well as Wakeboard and Trick Modes for your other water sports fun.

If you like to open water ski and rarely use a course, the Star Gazer Wake Edition has an easy to use GPS Slalom Mode.

I have a Yamaha Sport Boat. How well does Star Gazer control the speed for “Surfing”?

If you have a 2012 or newer model with the side wall mounted “APS Units” the system is very easy to install. With a Rider behind, the speed will be controlled within a few 10ths of a MPH.