Troubleshooting Videos

To Download a video (if available), Right click the download video link and select 'Save As' to download the video to the location of your choice.

Servo Motor Test: DOWNLOAD

Servo Motor Phase Test: DOWNLOAD

Linkage Test: DOWNLOAD

How To Adjust High Idle on a New Perfectpass Install (For typical mechanical engines.)(DOWNLOAD PDF Document)

Seized Servo Motor

If your Servo is seized (Knob on shaft will not turn) then this indicates water has penetrated the sealed motor and rust has formed. Depending on how much corrosion is present, you may be able to remove the Servo and clean it with a wire brush and WD-40. See Video.

Note: The Servo motors are designed to run 24/7 for many years. We typically only see failures on certain V Drive Boat models that have excessive bilge water splashing up on the drive belts during acceleration which results in water spraying on the Servo. Water can also find its way through the engine hatch seams on some models.

Do NOT use a wrench to try to turn the knob or shaft if seized, this may result in more damage.

Cleaning a seized servo motor: PDF DOCUMENT

Control Test (For 2006-2008 Indmar & PCM DBW Engines) DOWNLOAD

System Reset DOWNLOAD