Troubleshooting Documents

Troubleshooting Document
Fix High Engine Idle after a PerfectPass install. (Mechanical Engines) (PDF)
Clean a seized servo motor (12 kb PDF) --- CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO
GPS Stargazer Mechanical 2009 - 2020 - All mechanical engines with servo motor (327kb PDF)
All Stern Drive Models 2006-2020 - Inboard/Outboard (1.1013kb PDF)
Wakeboard Pro Mechanical 2006 - 2020 - Mechanical engines. Multi-Line Display. (Centurion, Sanger, Supreme, Calabria etc.) (470kb PDF)
Linkage Test PDF (also see video)
Servo Motor Test PDF (also see video)
Low Voltage (Multiline Gauge Systems) - (PDF)
Servo Motor Phase Test PDF (also see video)
Moomba 2007-2008 - Electronic Throttle (272kb PDF)
Correct Craft 2007-2008 - Electronic Throttle (109kb PDF)
CorrectCraft 2006 - Electronic Throttle (80kb PDF)
MasterCraft 2007-2008 - Electronic Throttle (116kb PDF)
MasterCraft 2006 - Electronic Throttle (115kb PDF)
MasterCraft 2005 - Electronic Throttle (101kb PDF)
Malibu 2007-2008 - Electronic Throttle (104kb PDF)
Malibu 2006 - Electronic Throttle (79kb PDF)
2006 - 2020 Servo Motor Phase Test – Ideal Test for Servo Operation. (110kb PDF)
MB / Gekko 2006 - Electronic Throttle (90kb PDF)
Mechanical 2005 - Older Mechanical. Single Line Display (513kb PDF)
BRP SeaDoo 2006 – 2009 - (652kb PDF)
SYSTEM RESET – Resetting your System to Factory Values - (75kb PDF)
Yamaha installation / High idle adjustment - (PDF)
NOTE: If you do not see your brand of boat listed and it is older than a 2006, see "2005 Mechanical" section. This includes all Centurians, Sanger Boats, Supreme Boats and all Stern Drive models, etc