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"Our Bestselling System"

Star Gazer Wake Edition S

It is our best selling speed control system because it is so versatile and easy to use! The GPS Star Gazer is designed for wakeboarding, surfing, course skiing and is even perfect for tubing. From 8 mph to 40 mph, let PerfectPass take the stress out of driving with amazing GPS accuracy. Ideal for most ski, wakeboard, stern drive and select Yamaha jet boats. Each system comes complete to fit your boat/engine and includes a full size in-dash Display Gauge.

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Yamaha Jet Boats

The Stargazer Wake Edition is compatible with most Yamaha jet boats 2010 and newer. For more information click HERE

(Twin Engine $1295 USD)
(Single Engine $1275 USD)

Star Gazer Three Event

Designed for very serious course skiers and available on inboard ski boats only (Slalom, Trick, Jump & Wakeboard modes). Includes "All Buoy No Magnet Timing" feature. Those slalom skiers just looking for simplicity and a great pull should consider the Star Gazer Wake Edition S. Now featuring "No Mag Timing"

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Z Box Upgrade

Available for tournament skiers with Star Gazer equipped boats, the Z Box Upgrade is designed to make your PerfectPass feel and pull like the ZO System in newer tournament boats. This software version includes "GPS timing". This features allows you to easily and quickly Map up to three courses.

The Z Box Upgrade option is only applicable to Star Gazer Systems, therefore if you are currently operating a DigitalPro System, you first must upgrade to Star Gazer.

Zbox Pricing Price
Z Box (For existing Star Gazer Systems) $399
Star Gazer Upgrade & Z Box (Must have multiline Display) $995
Star Gazer Upgrade, Z Box and Multi-Line Display $1249
Complete Stargazer system with Zbox $1629

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$399 - $1629


Star Gazer Upgrade

There are many upgrade options available for your PerfectPass System. Whether you have an older WakeboardPro with paddle wheel or basic cruise, you can easily and affordably upgrade to our newest GPS Star Gazer Systems.

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