PerfectPass for Yamaha Jet Boats

The Star Gazer Wake Edition is designed in a “twin” engine format exclusively for Yamaha Jet Boats. These boats tend to be very challenging to drive at wake speeds and PerfectPass is the answer.

The GPS Star Gazer can hold speed constant, usually to within less than 1 mph. Simply set the speed, throttle up smoothly and when the boat reaches the set speed the system takes over automatically.

NOTE: The Wake Edition for Yamaha Boats is a pure GPS System with only Wakeboard mode. There is not a Slalom Mode, RPM mode or RPM Reading on the screen.

NOTE: New boats with the Yamaha ballast system are not recommended for PerfectPass.

Customer Quote:
“Just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how unbelievably impressed I am with your product. I can't believe I went last year without it. Driving a jet boat while towing is no longer a job with Perfect Pass. Whether we are slalom skiing at 30 MPH or Wakesurfing at 10.5 MPH, the Stargazer is bang on every time with zero noticeable speed variation to the person being pulled. It even makes tubing easier.
I could not imagine going out on the water again without PerfectPass.”
- J. Jamieson (2012 212X)

NOTE: Yamaha applications do not have RPM or Slalom Mode. All control
is done via the GPS Based Wakeboard Mode.


Q. How much is this kit?
A. The complete kit for the twin if ordered direct from PerfectPass is $1249 USD, including Two Day Fed Ex shipping.

Q. Can I install it myself?
A. Yes, but you must be mechanically inclined and understand mechanical linkages, etc.

Q. How long does installation take?
A. If you are mechanically inclined, count on about 4 hours. The manual comes complete with color images and step by step instructions. (There are no holes to drill or wires to splice)

Q. Where do I install the PerfectPass Display Gauge?
A. Our Star Gazer logo Display will match your gauges very well, and should replace your speedometer. The PerfectPass Display has a large, GPS accurate speed reading on the screen at all times…even when the speed control is in the off mode.