NOTE: PerfectPass does not warrant or support any speed control system that has been assembled by a customer or dealer using a mix of new and older parts. Many web sites such as E Bay offer used parts, be aware of used parts and particularly Master Modules that may not be compatible with your engine type or may contain older versions of software that are not compatible with multi line Display Gauges.

PerfectPass Parts Listing

Below is just a partial list of the many common parts we carry. For details, please contact our sales or customer support team.

Mechanical Engines

NOTE: All prices are listed in US dollars.

Part Price
Servo Motor on bracket c/w Resistor
Perfectpass GPS boat cruise Control replacement parts.
Raw Servo Motor (Motor replacement, no bracket, no Resistor)
Perfectpass GPS cruise Control replacement parts.
Star Gazer Master Modules Call for Pricing
Servo Motor Power Cable (Master Module to Servo) $79
ST300 Paddle Wheel Kit (Complete with hull housing) * On Backorder until Fall 2022 * $159
Paddle Wheel Replacement Impeller & Shaft Kit
Perfectpass GPS boat cruise Control replacement parts.

Bent Paddle Wheel? This kit with new shaft will fit all ski boat thru-hull Paddle Wheels.

12v Power Cable for Master Module $49
RPM Cable Harness $69
Brass L Adapter & Small Parts Bag $40
In Dash Display (Multi Line) click here for Display options

(Note: If your system is NOT a GPS Stargazer, a new "plug & play" Stargazer upgrade will be required. Older Paddle wheel systems were Intel based and are no longer supported by Intel.)
$259 - $289
GPS Receiver for Star Gazer.

Buy the right Garmin receiver from Perfectpass. All Garmin receivers are programmed by Perfectpass for proper performance for your speed control. Off the shelf GPS units and other after-market units will likely NOT perform properly with Perfectpass systems.

Throttle Cables (Various sizes) $69
Perfectpass GPS cruise Control replacement parts.PerfectPass Jump Switch Compatible with PerfectPass Systems and with ZO.
(ZO cable required from Zero Off) - 90 Day Warranty
Perfectpass GPS boat cruise Control replacement parts.Optional Protective Foam Sleeve $22